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How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Online Without Cable (Live Stream)

In just two weeks, the most watched sport in the world, FIFA World Cup 2018 will happen in Russia. If you are diehard fans of football, you will surely want to catch up with all the games in the FIFA World Cup in Russia later on June 14th. Estimated, there will be around 3 billion viewers around the world will follow this event. This is going to be the 21st of World Cup event ever held since it was introduced for the first time in 1930.

By far, Germany is the defending champion of the FIFA World Cup. They will defend their title in the festivity and compete with the other 31 teams who take part in this prestigious tournament.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Online

FIFA World Cup is set to happen from June 14th.

The final will happen on 15th July. While many have predicted how it’s going on. It is still too early to see which countries are going to have the best chance to crown themselves as the champion. To cure your curiosity, the only way is to watch all the matches by yourself. But rest assured that it is going to be a great excuse to contact your friends out there. This can be the reason why you should watch it with your friends or family.

The schedules and matches start from June 14, 2018, to July 15th. All the matches will happen at different venues and times. Keep in mind that your local time is available as well. There will be 32 teams to play in 8 different groups. There are four teams per group. 64 Matches are viewable in 12 venues.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be televised across FOX Sports for English viewers. Meanwhile, Spanish viewers will be enjoying the festivities through Telemundo. The good thing here is that you don’t have to stick to the TVs to watch the games in FIFA World Cup. If you are not able to make it at your living room, on a vacation, or simply just want to watch with your friend somewhere else, you can rest assured that there are a lot of official providers that offer live streaming services such as Fubo TV, Sling TV, Fox Sports GO, and many more.

If you are planning to watch FIFA World Cup online, then you have come to the right place. Here we are going to explain all the ways that you can consider to watch World Cup 2018 live.

So, without further ado, let’s see the options list that you can consider.

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 online

You surely want to be open to many options to follow the festivity. The regular users might have the issue with the blockage and blackout. The reason is pretty obvious. Most of the live streaming services are available only in certain areas. So, there will be the chance that you could face the issue like geolocation blocking or region-restriction.

This will block your IP to use the services if you are not in the area of coverage. This matter might be the common problem for most users around the world. Even a paid subscribers are not able to watch their subscribed channels while they are outside of the area of coverage. It is the policy that is available in every live streaming service to avoid higher bandwidth consumption. So, to eliminate these issues, you could really make use our tips below.

Watch the FIFA World Cup Games using VPN Services

A VPN service helps you to change your geolocation virtually. As simple as that. Your IP will change to different IPs as you desire. For instance, if the service that you choose is only for US users, you could switch your current IP to US IP with the help of these VPN services.

The good thing here is that these services are available anywhere. You could just select one that is suitable for you, download it and operate on your device or PC. Finish the setup and use your VPN service to get the access.

Picking up a VPN is also very easy. You just need to stick to the VPN services that have ample positive feedbacks from its customers. The best VPN services such as ExpressVPN can be your first choice to check. But don’t limit yourself to the VPN service that you’ve found online. Chances are there will be a lot of VPN services to check. You might also get the discounts depending on the offers available from the providers.

After finding the right VPN for you, the next thing you do is just turn your VPN service on and access the live streaming service. And VOILA, you will watch such spectacular games with your friends and family.

Streaming FIFA World Cup online

Watching your games or favorite international team in FIFA World Cup 2018 will be a pivotal activity. You will be able in smaller or bigger screen, as you wish. The point is that you’ll have the luxury to pick the place by yourself. So, here are some streaming options that you can consider.

Through the official broadcasting Channels

FIFA association gives the full broadcasting rights for US TV from 2015-2022. The FOX (English) and NBC Universal’s Telemundo (Spanish) will be the respective channels to broadcast the games. Meanwhile, viewers in the UK can enjoy the games through BBC and ITV since both hold the full right of broadcasting. Chances are you will have the options to stream from these channels.

Through FOX Sports, for instance, you will be able to watch the games live on Fox Network channel. FOX Sports has been the prevalent choice for most folks in the US and English-spoken viewers. If you want to watch the games with English commentary, it will be natural to choose this. Keep in mind that the live coverage will happen from Thursday, June 14, 2018, at 11;00 AM ET. So, if you are in the middle of the ways to choose the option to watch it live stream, you need to decide fast so that you won’t miss the precious moments.

The good thing here is that you will have wider option to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 games. You could watch the game live by using Fox Sports go that you can access from your iOS, Android, Kindle, Roku, Windows, Apple TV, and other compatible devices.

Or, you could purchase the FOX Soccer Match pass with $19.00 per month and an annual pass is $139.99 per year.

The Great streaming services to consider

With the ample streaming services out there, you will be sure to catch up with all the matches without missing them. With these options, you will never miss out a game since watching live is more fun than watching the pre-recorded one. In recent times, cord-cutting options are increasingly trending. It gives all the fans pretty much better option to give their TV up and strive flexibility in time and place. As the fan of the soccer, you are now able to view the content anywhere you want. Without further ado, let’s check these out.

Fubo tv

When it comes to watching the soccer live, Fubotv is indeed one of the most recommended services. Sports fans have been pretty familiar with this provider because it has been delivering such amazing content from football, basketball, and many other popular niches of sports. Of course, soccer will be a viable sport for this provider.

This offers you the full coverage of World Cup 2018 games. Now it also comes with the Cloud-DVR so that you can watch all the games in the World Cup 2018 Festivity with the freedom to rewind, fast forward, slow motion, and the other helpful features. You could leverage all of these positive features to get every detailing moments in the world cup games. You can enjoy this service through Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iPhone, Android devices, Windows devices, Xbox Console, PlayStation console, and many more. To be sure about the service, we suggest you check the detailed features by yourself at its official website.

Oh yeah, did we mention that this live streaming service is free for 7 days? Indeed! You could make use the fantastic 7-days free trial period. The only catch is that you will need to fill your personal information when registering to a free trial. After 7 days, you will be charged with the package $19.99 for the first month. If you are familiar with Fubo TV or just want to try it, register today. You won’t regret it.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue has been the trending choice for the console users in the US. But it does not mean that other users outside the US cannot use it. We mentioned that you could use VPN service to unblock the limitation. You could really make use your VPN service if you are using PlayStation Vue outside the US.

It works pretty much the same as other great live streaming services out there. However, PlayStation Vue is available only for the PlayStation users as well as the other platforms which are compatible with PlayStation Vue. So, make sure your device is compatible with this service. PlayStation Vue comes in different packs: Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra. Each has different prices and services details. To stream FIFA World Cup games live, you could get the most basic one. To get 5-days free trial, you will need to pay $39.99, but you can cancel it anytime.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu has been popular for entertainment users. But it is also a prevalent choice for sports lovers too. Guess what? You can also watch World Cup 2018 games through this fantastic service. Hulu provides such a great streaming library to make it more navigable by all the users. If it is your first time to enjoy the streaming service, Hulu Live TV can be your best companion. Prepare for paying $39.99 for its fantastic services and you will get the unlimited access to all the soccer games.

YouTube TV

YouTube users, you already have such fantastic option (YouTube TV). If you stick to it, you just need to purchase the membership that costs $40 and available in the selected market. You will get more than 50+ networks and channels, including the broadcasters of FIFA World Cup 2018.

Sling TV

We can make sure that you can’t go wrong if your choose Sling TV. Amongst the many choices, it is indeed one of the best. Its catchy motto “TV on your Terms” is not jumbo mambo words. The Sling TV delivers what it promises on the official page.

Although it is not the cheapest service in the market, you can notice that this service is cheaper than other popular services in the online market. By registering and subscribing to its most basic package, you will not only be able to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 games, but also other shows in different categories including entertainment, news, comedy, movies, music, and many more.

You can even get local channels like NBC, ABC, FOX and many more. If you want to focus on World Cup 2018, you could choose Sling Blue package that will cost you $25 per month. The good thing here is that you can customize your TV Streaming with Sports Extra if you feel that the current package is not enough to accommodate your necessity. To show its confidence, Sling TV also offers 7 days trial programme to the new customers. You could register now to reserve your option in watching World cup 2018 games.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is a fantastic service in which gives you the access to dozens of channels from various niches including sports. At this case, it is the very prevalent choice for the viewers who want to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 games in English. AT & T is the giant company that owns this service. So, you can rest assured that you are using the right service. It offers more than 60+ channels for its basic pack.

Like the name suggests, “Live A Little” for $35/month, you are able to get the full access to the services as described above. Keep in mind that the coverage of the World Cup 2018 games is full. When you purchase this service, you won’t need to add some services for the supplemental choices. The good thing about this fantastic service is that you could also try its trial period for 7 days max. DirecTV now, although not routinely, often offers great service like $10 per month for the first three months. You will want to check its official page now to see if there is any great offer to purchase.